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Welcome to World Pa Kua Martial Arts & Health. Choose your discipline here, in our online video series section.

We are excited to bring you on demand videos to help you learn new skills and improve on familiar techniques in the comfort of your own home.

Watch the video classes in your own time alongside in your own time alongside the family group or on your own.

You can also request private live classes, sending us an email to our contact page.

In this section called Choose Your Discipline, you will access classes in Martial Arts, Cardio Kickboxing, Chinese Yoga, Tai Chi, Reflexology, Energy studies and Weapons.

Each discipline has an introduction to guide those who are new, or as a reminder to those that are not, to cover all the basics.

This allows each new student to quickly get the feeling of the class and not be left confused about the proper position, breathing technique, etc while allowing each class to move at a good pace for those more familiar to the classes.

Or you can also jump right in with the classes lasting between 30 and 90 minutes.

We are certified Instructors and Black Belt, and every class is approved by an international group of 5th degree Masters.

Besides the On Demand videos, we have a full schedule of live online classes as part of the premier membership.

We hope that you will enjoy these free sample videos as a first step toward improving yourself and your surroundings.



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