Chinese Yoga, Chi Kung

First, we want to say that Chinese Yoga, or Chi Kung is an ancient Art, that humans around the world have practiced for thousands of years.

But what is Chi Kung? Chi (or Qi) is usually translated as “energy” to mean the life force. Kung (or Gong) means “work”. Together, the two words mean “working with the energy” or “cultivating the energy”

This art, through the practice of poses, movements and meditation, it teaches the student to harmonize body, mind, and spirit.

The poses and movements tone and strengthen the body, promoting lean and flexible muscles.

The stretching exercises increase flexibility. They protect the body from injury and provide a greater range of motion.

And the breathing exercises oxygenate the body and regulate the heart rate and cardiovascular system.

Is a way of studying ourselves through postures and breathing techniques.

Through the study of the self, we understand and synchronize with everything else.

In conclusion, we can define Chinese Yoga as the harmonic interaction between ourselves and all other things.