Acrobatics is the study of powerful positions, combining balance and strength.

Who can practice Acrobatics?

Acrobatics is open to all, there is no need for special training or conditioning. We work individually and with partners on strength exercises. Teamwork, encouragement and trust are some benefits of this fun class.

How many people are needed to practice?

It can be practiced by one or more than one person together that strengthens our understanding of society and relationships while helping each person overcome past shocks.

Each student will improve strength and balance through different slow exercises using their own weight and the weight of a partner.

These exercises will also clean and repair the body and mind by filling all the muscles and cleaning them with new blood and oxygen.

Acrobatics is particularly good as a way to get to know and learn to work with others which makes it ideal for couples, families, and groups.

The stretching exercises increase flexibility. They protect the body from injury and provide a greater range of motion.

The correct breathing oxygenates the body and regulates the heart rate and cardiovascular system.