Traditional Chinese Archery was one of the Six Noble Arts of the Zhou Dynasty (1146–256 BCE)

Technically, is the art, practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows.

For millennia, Chinese Archery has played a pivotal role in the Chinese society.

In particular, this art featured prominently in the ancient Chinese culture and philosophy.

Archery skill was a virtue for Chinese emperors, Confucius himself was a teacher.

The Chinese society spanned a wide geography and time range, so the techniques and equipment are diverse. 

Improvement of firearms and other circumstances, archery, as a ritual, and military practice disappeared.

However, in the 21st century, there has been a revival in the interest to practice the traditional Chinese style.

What will you learn in Archery?

First, you will submerge in a tranquility atmosphere, and learn exercises for strengthening body and mind.

You will shoot from various positions and hit targets from different distances.

You will also learn meditation, which is also a part of this practice.

Learn how Confucius used the art of archery to gain more power over the self.

You will also learn and practice some self-defense techniques, conditioning, and stretching.

Where to practice

We practice in our large and secure indoor studios, transformed into a range.

We can also go to an outdoor range nearby.