August 18, 2017


World Pa Kua Energy

The study of that, which is omnipresent.

Energy studies are to understand that the world is full of energy, passing through us in the air we breathe.

It is part of the things we eat and drink, things we see, the time, everything that surrounds us.

We can say that energy is all that exists, into a wide range of vibrations.

We call this energy, that is omnipresent, Chi.

Ways of studying the energy.

There are many ways of studying the energy:

_ The study of the energy that surrounds us at home and our interaction with it, which we call Feng Shui.

_ The Chi of the flowing energy while we meditate in movement, which we call Tai Chi.

_ The study of the energy that connects us with the superior mind, which we call Chinese Yoga – Chi Kung.

_ The study of the energy of the music that connects us with our bodies, which we call Pa Kua Kickboxing.

_ And many other ways of study that you can discover in our School.

What you will learn in this ENERGY studies.

We call Energy to the study of Chi that flows in the body (meridians or energy pathways).

We teach self massage, movements, and nutrition, and how to balance and harmonize your daily and yearly activities and diet.

Surroundings and eating habits influence everybody.

Our approach to nutrition is one that enables the body to absorb nutrients healthily.

Eating the right food, in the right quantity, will supply the body with all it needs in harmony.