Pa Kua Martial Art

Pa Kua Martial Art

The most popular part of the Pa Kua Knowledge is the martial art, and we call it Pa Kua Martial Art.

In the Chinese language, Pa means “eight”, and Kua means “change”. Is the study of the 8 changes.

The principal characteristic of Pa Kua is the circular form of walking and fight movement.

Pa Kua helps you improve and increase the fluidity of movements in fighting techniques or in combat and sparring situations.

However, there’s one aspect called Pa Kua Chuan, where you can learn all the circular walking and fighting techniques.

There’s also grappling, submissions, pressure points, sparring, self-defense, throws, escaping, rolling, falling, and others.

It is a comprehensive martial art that brings you to a sense of understanding of yourself and your surroundings.

Everybody can practice Pa Kua, despite the age or abilities towards the goal of self-improvement, in a non-competitive atmosphere.

The practice of flips, rolls, falls, self defense and sparring techniques give you confidence that will benefit you.

Pa Kua strengthens every part of the human anatomy.

A set of movements provide an internal massage of the organs and generate more energy flow throughout the body.

You will achieve self confidence, increase your concentration and coordination and improve your flexibility.