August 18, 2017




Reflexology refers to the use of microbodies to heal and harmonize the complete body.

Considering what this art is about, we would better call it “Reflectology”

A class is a treatment itself, so we pay special attention to each student and their individual needs.

What we learn

This study, based on the traditional Pa Kua symbol, is an internal art in which we study the healing of the internal organs to increase their capacity.

The exercises promote organ rejuvenation, and breathing exercises, meditation, feet, hands and ears massage generate further health benefits.

Our feet, hands and ears contain a map of our bodies on them.

We learn to access a certain part of the body through massage of the foot, hand, or ear, then we can promote healing or prevent organ imbalances and even diseases.

People who suffer from chronic ailments such as headaches, digestive problems, back pain, weight imbalance and stress related pains turn to Reflexology as a cure to these afflictions.

To conclude, we learn therapeutic preventive massage and movements in this class.

See how your health improves as you learn these traditional techniques.

Practice techniques to improve immune system, internal organ function and joint health.